Penda is a livestreaming, social commerce platform built for Africans trading in communities across Africa. 

Available December 2022

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Penda is everything you will expect from a typical African market  - except the hassle of leaving your home!

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Its like Instagram except, on Penda, orders generated through posted photos and livestream events go through a seamless ‘in-app’ order-to-delivery process - with the platform handling thousands of transactions for sellers in real time, and products delivered to customers within 24 hours, or less than an hour for food.


Live commerce leads to sales acceleration

Live commerce strategies generate sales quicker by exposing products to thousands of viewers in minutes.

Live commerce builds brand awareness

When consumers see the face behind the brand, or beloved influencers using your products, you can bet they’ll start recognizing your brand more often.

Live commerce encourages impulse buying

People feel more inclined to buy when they are taking part in an exclusive event and want to avoid missing out on limited-time great offer

Personalized Experience

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  • Increases customer engagement, participation and sales.

  • Provides a more authentic experience.

  • Real-time inventory counts encourage quick purchasing and checkout.

  • Customers can experience the thrill of live sales, no matter where they watch.

  • Customers can watch, interact with other customers across the platforms, add to cart AND buy without ever leaving the video.

Penda Live

Create the in-store experience online

This trend digitizes the shopping world. It creates the in-store experience online and that’s exactly what the e-Commerce world has been missing. It’s not simply about just making a purchase anymore, the whole experience around shopping online nowadays involves human interaction to make consumers feel more connected.


Response Architects partners with Alibaba under an exclusive agreement to launch livestream shopping across Africa.


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