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Penda allows sellers to market their products and services to customers using stories, video reels, and livestreams.

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The App

Our platform manages payments through a secure digital escrow wallet, ‘PenPay’, and delivers products through outsourced logistics partners.

Our mission is to enable communities across Africa to enjoy a safer, cheaper, more reliable, and entertaining shopping experience.

Why Livestream?
  • Increases customer engagement, participation and sales.

  • Provides a more authentic experience.

  • Real-time inventory counts encourage quick purchasing and checkout.

  • Customers can experience the thrill of live sales, no matter where they watch.

  • Customers can watch, interact with other customers across the platforms, add to cart AND buy without ever leaving the video.

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Create the in-store experience online

This trend digitizes the shopping world. It creates the in-store experience online and that’s exactly what the e-Commerce world has been missing. It’s not simply about just making a purchase anymore, the whole experience around shopping online nowadays involves human interaction to make consumers feel more connected.

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Response Architects partners with Alibaba under an exclusive agreement to launch livestream shopping across Africa.


For more information contact:
Mb: +971547396300

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